The side of Alex Smith many don’t know

But for [ASF scholarship recipient] Sade Burrell and the hundreds of other kids whose lives have been affected and improved by his foundation, Smith’s efforts have given their lives a focus they hadn’t had before.

Whatever happens with the Chiefs, quarterback Alex Smith runs a great foundation.

Smith’s foundation is working with Cornerstones’ Youth Educational Success program, which helps young people complete high school, enroll in college and succeed there. The program, in fact, was modeled after the work done by Smith’s foundation, even before he came to Kansas City to quarterback for the Chiefs.

Partnership with Cornerstones of Care

Y.E.S. is modeled after the Alex Smith Foundation’s program that Smith established in San Diego soon after he was selected the number one overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Alex Smith gave his all – off the field, too

And there are 20 other young men and women whose childhoods were ravaged by pain and abandonment. Former foster teens, they’re now college graduates thanks to Alex Smith and his foundation.

Some true benefactors, but Globe finds others give little of what’s raised

A nonprofit founded by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, for instance, raised $839,244 between 2008 and 2010 and spent 91 percent of the funds on scholarships and grants to help foster teens attend college and transition to adulthood.