Our Mission

The Alex Smith Foundation provides foster teens with the tools and resources needed to transition to successful adulthood by developing and promoting Mentoring, Education, Housing, Internship, Job, and Advocacy programs.

Thank You, Kansas City

ASF would like to thank Chiefs fans for their 3000+ donations, the majority of which was in increments of $11. ASF also looks forward to working with foster youth in the metro DC area!

The Alex Smith Foundation concentrates on
developing and promoting programs in six basic areas.


Good jobs with futures require general knowledge, reading and math skills, and proficiency in computers and technology.


Steadying hands, strong role models, and intergenerational synergies can provide the essential support for teens thrown unprepared into independence.


Young adults who haven't had a permanent home, need stability. This begins with a place to live—a place they can call home.


On-the-job training builds skills, confidence, and a network of working friends and associates.


Employment provides a secure income, encourages accomplishment, and helps create responsible adults.


With its concentration on improving systems and changing counterproductive laws, advocacy is our path to the future.

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But for [ASF scholarship recipient] Sade Burrell and the hundreds of other kids whose lives have been affected and improved by his foundation, Smith’s efforts have given their lives a focus they hadn’t had before.